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Welcome to Happy Rollers

About Happy Rollers

Happy Rollers is situated in Thane West’s Hiranandani Meadows. We provide you a quality spa experience to meet all of your wellness requirements. Our No Human Touch Massage Services are what we are most well-known for. This place has a kind staff and a cosy, welcoming ambience. To meet your demands, we provide a selection of massages.
Through our Automated Chair & prompt delivery, Happy Rollers gives you the best selection of body massages.
All of Happy Rollers’ therapies are intended to influence both the psychological and physical status of the human body. Our professionally trained therapists will transport you into the realm of relaxation and rejuvenation using specialised Thai techniques and materials. To relieve stress and tension, our therapists will indulge your five senses in a relaxing setting.

Happy Rollers Etiquettes

At Happy Rollers we take utmost care of the hygiene during our entire treatment time.
* Please be assured that your privacy will be entirely respected.
* Your money and other valuables/ ornaments can be safe with us during your treatment.
* Comfortable, soothing, hygienic disposable  provided during the treatment.

Advantages of Massage Therapy

Relieves all kind of stress

Eases muscle pain

Boost Blood circulation

Improves sleeping pattern

Boosts your body's immunity