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Machine Head Massage

A head massage offers a variety of benefits, whether you use your fingertips or you get one from a professional. A head massage may help relieve stress and reduce tension. It may also ease migraine or headache pain, lower blood pressure, improve circulation to your head and neck, and promote hair growth

Full Body Massage

 Full body massage reduce stress and increase relaxation. Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension. Improving circulation, energy and alertness. Lowering heart rate and blood pressure.Improves immune function ,reduces anxiety,resolves digestive disorder,reduces lower back pain

weight Loss

Some people turn to massage as a weight-loss strategy. But understanding the benefits of massage can be tricky because research is somewhat limited and not always high quality. Many purported benefits are not supported by strong clinical evidence. Weight loss is not likely to be directly affected by massage, but massage may still support your weight-loss efforts.

Kneeding Dough

Kneading can be used to address high muscle tone, a condition when the muscle is overly tense even when relaxed. Intense emotions like stress or anxiety can send signals to the muscles that make them remain tight, causing muscle tension and muscle tone to increase. As a kneading massage progresses it warms and relaxes the muscles to fight this condition

shoulder crunch

This popping or crunching feeling is breaking down what has built up, the body is then more able to flush out these toxins. Some clients may wince at this feeling others describe it as a ‘good pain’ and it instantly feels better once this has been done.

The stretch

A good massage releases endorphins and this means that any pain that you are feeling will be reduced.What’s good is that endorphins have the ability to boost your immune response. Overall, they have the ability to make you feel better. The more you use your massage chair, the more muscle tension you’ll reduce and the more you’ll be able to correct your posture.These, in turn, affect your spinal alignment. Using a massage chair will reduce the pressure on your spine by offering support to your back.