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Car and Back Massager


PORTABLE SHIATSU MASSAGE – The beatXP DeepHeal Cushion Massage Chair can relieve your stress with ease whether you’re at home, at work or when you are driving. Whatever may be the reason for your Stress. Relieve all your stress with the Cushion Massage Chair.
✅ PERSONAL MASSAGE THERAPY – The Massager has 5 Motors and multiple heads to provide you with the best Shiatsu Massages like they were straight out of Japan. The motors are capable of providing up to 3000 RPM and 2.2kgF of torque. Other than that, it also provides Deep Kneading and Vibration massages for pain relief and relaxation.
✅ SOOTHING HEAT AND SEAT VIBRATION – The beatXP DeepHeal Cushion Massage Chair also has a heating feature and Infrared Massage Therapy mode which provides heating sensations up to 45 degrees Celsius. The remote control of the massager can easily switch between the modes and increase or decrease the intensity of massages or heat.
✅ LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE DESIGN – The Massager is made of durable PU Leath


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