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Hand Guard


Compact and portable compression massager ideal for hardworking hands that get tight, sore, and cramp Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Relief.

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Alleviate arthritis pain, minimize numbness and stiffness, and reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome Modes & Intensity – Personalize your massage 3 intensity levels, and 3 preset timers

Acupoint Massage: Hundreds of specially designed massage granules provide a full coverage of the acupoints on hands and fingers. By stimulating the reflex zones of your hand, the Palm Acupressure improves micro-circulations and helps relieve hand strain and tensions. Infrared Heat Therapy – Gentle heating promotes circulation, reduces pain and relieves swelling. The massager heats your hand which helps promote blood circulation, soothe hand muscles, reduce hand fatigue, soreness and numb

Made of high quality ABS material, which is durable, high strength and good toughness. Repair joint strain aging, relieve hands numbness and cold, whiten and maintain hand skin. Intelligent air pressure generates a soothing rhythm to accurately massage the fingers and palms. Promote the blood circulation, soothe the muscles, reduce hand fatigue, discomfort and soreness.

Warranty details : 6 months warranty (Terms & conditions apply). It will not cover any physical/liquid damage. Products under warranty to be sent to the office for repair. After warranty, the product is repairable on a chargeable basis. For further assistance kindly contact us


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